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Homeowner’s Insurance Claims


Homeowner’s Insurance Claims




Homeowner’s insurance is a form of property insurance that protects against damage to an individual’s home or the possessions inside the home. Homeowner’s insurance also provides critical liability coverage in case accidents occur inside the home or on the property. While homeowner’s insurance provides protection against numerous scenarios where losses can occur, there are certain events which are commonly excluded from such policies and these commonly include earthquakes, floods and “acts of God.”

Some forms of homeowner’s insurance are designed specifically for renters and are referred to as renters insurance. Renters insurance only covers isolated events not covered by the owner’s property insurance and possessions within the home.

When your house has sustained major damage due to a fire, hail, hurricane, windstorm, or another source, you can quickly be put at a disadvantage when faced with massive destruction or the total loss of your home. When suddenly confronted with filing an insurance claim, you could be facing a situation that could stretch for longer than a year. The lengthy process can require mountains of paperwork and it can leave you exasperated, exhausted and distraught. The average homeowner doesn’t know anything about filing an insurance claim until they’re caught off guard and disaster hits. As a homeowner who has no other choice but to file an insurance claim, it’s important to enlist the services of an experienced attorney who can work with the insurance company on your behalf in order to expedite the claims process.




At Denham Law Firm, PLLC, our legal team has over 60 years of collective experience handling homeowner’s insurance claims, and we have been serving the Gulf Coast since 1973. There are a number of things that can take homeowners by surprise; we help policyholders work through the insurance claims process and show them how to recoup their losses.

Unfortunately, people regularly settle for less than the total loss of their damages simply because they’re exhausted, especially when it’s nearing the end of a complicated claim. By hiring an attorney from our firm, you even the playing field with your insurance company. We will be able to explain your policy and your coverage and work on your behalf by handling the flow of communication between you and your insurance company, all the while maximizing the value of your claim. Contact an Ocean Springs lawyer from our firm today to find out what we can do to streamline the insurance claims process for you!