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Grounds for Personal Injury Claims


Ocean Springs Personal Injury Lawyer




In order to successfully file a personal injury claim, one must have grounds, or in other words a reason or foundation, for doing so. There are certain actions or types of conduct that lead to a person or entity being responsible for causing physical or emotional injuries to another. It is the establishing that one or more of these actions or conduct has occurred that builds the foundation for a personal injury claim.

The three basic grounds for a personal injury claim include negligence, intentional conduct and strict liability. Negligence is acting without proper care or caution, such as in car accidents in which vehicle drivers use excessive speed, causing damage and injury to others. Intentional conduct means a person intended to harm another, such as in assault, for example. In strict liability, a person or entity can be held accountable for damages and injuries without actual negligence or intentional harm.

Unintentionally selling liquor to a minor would be a strict liability offense. All three of these grounds can result in personal injury or wrongful death, and the accused would be subject to both criminal and civil charges. If you have grounds for a personal injury case it is always best to seek the professional help of an Ocean Springs personal injury attorney to help you get your case properly investigated and to determine the negligent parties.



At Denham Law Firm, PLLC, we have over 60 years of combined experience in personal injury cases. An AV rated firm by the Martindale-Hubbell Pier Review, we have a long track record of successfully defending our clients suffering from the effects of personal injuries caused by others. We will aggressively pursue all negligent parties and fight to recover all applicable damages, including medical bills, current and future lost wages, hospital and surgery costs, and the pain and suffering that result from personal injuries. Our film will seek to maximize your chances of receiving the best possible outcome with your case.

Contact an Ocean Springs personal injury attorney with the firm if you or someone you love needs competent legal help with a personal injury claim.