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Fight Back Your Insurance Company in Your Car Wreck Case

Fight Back Your Insurance Company in Your Car Wreck Case

Fight Back Your Insurance Company in Your Car Wreck Case

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are getting more and more stingy with their offers in car wreck cases.  They are often offering only the medical bills and nothing for pain and suffering.  Sometimes they are offering less than the medical bills.  That means its more important now than ever to have an attorney that strikes fear in the heart of an insurance company.  You need an attorney that the insurance company knows will take your case to trial.


Why is it that insurance companies are increasingly low balling people that make car wreck claims?  South Mississippi juries, especially Jackson County juries, are giving lower and lower verdicts.  Why?  The jury is made up of the average folks in your community.  Mostly blue collar middle class workers.  In my last jury trial I noticed plenty of pipe welders and electricians in the jury pool.  They often see Plaintiffs as looking for a bailout or a free meal ticket.  They often say, “I hurt every day of my life.  I was in a few pretty bad car wrecks.  And no one handed me a huge chunk of money for it.  So why should this person get that?”


We’ve gone through a major recession.  Real wages for the average folks are still down.  $100,000 for a car wreck may seem like a windfall.  Jurors are jaded by cases like the McDonald Hot Coffee case.  Jurors feel like insurance rates and medical costs are passed on to the consumer because of malpractice verdicts.  Therefore, jurors may be ready to chase you out of the courtroom with a pitchfork.

Denham Law Can Help

In car accident cases in counties in South Mississippi like Jackson County, Harrison County, and Hancock Counties (composed of Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Bay St. Louis etc) you need a lawyer that knows how to pick a jury.  You have to get the biased jurors that hate lawsuits and hate plaintiffs off the jury.  At the Denham Law Firm we know how to handle biased jurors and how to get you a fair jury.  The insurance companies know that we will take your case to trial.  That’s why you should chose us as your car accident lawyer.

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