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Criminal Defense


Ocean Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer




When individuals are accused of crimes, their futures are placed in jeopardy. Not only are they at risk of receiving severe criminal penalties such as jail time, prison time and expensive fines, but they are also at risk of having their reputations ruined. When individuals have convictions on their records, they end up being negatively labeled for years to come. Such labels can easily prevent these individuals from getting the jobs or housing they want in the future.

Are you currently facing criminal charges in Ocean Springs, Mississippi? Or, are you currently under criminal investigation and at risk of being arrested and charged? If so, it is vital that you take immediate action and hire a knowledgeable Ocean Springs criminal defense attorney. Denham Law Firm, PLLC has a talented team of attorneys who can provide you with the legal guidance and aggressive courtroom representation you need. It all starts when we sit down with you and thoroughly review the details of your case. We can help you search for any potential weak points in the prosecution’s case against you, such as a lack of probable cause, mistakes made by law enforcement officers during the investigation or arrest process, or flaws with the evidence. We work diligently to help our clients build solid defense plans so they can increase their chances of avoiding conviction. Other possible favorable outcomes might include dismissed or reduced charges.




Individuals can turn to our law firm for assistance with various types of criminal matters. Were you accused of unlawful drug possession, drug distribution, drug manufacturing or some other type of drug crime? What about a violent crime such as domestic violence or assault? Have you been arrested for allegedly stealing someone else’s property through a theft crime such as burglary or robbery? If you are facing any of these types of charges, we advise you to immediately consult with one of our skilled lawyers, who have in-depth understanding of Mississippi law. Our firm can also assist individuals who have been charged with allegedly driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or alcohol (DUI), charged with sex crimes or charged with a various other types of offenses.




When you work with Denham Law Firm, PLLC, you can trust that will receive high-quality legal representation. We are AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®. This is the highest level of rating given by the well-respected organization. This rating indicates that our professional peers consider us to have top-tier legal skill and ethical standards.

The longer you wait to get the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney, the more leverage you are giving prosecutors to build a convincing case against you. Make sure you call a lawyer as soon as possible. In addition to Ocean Springs, we also serve individuals in various surrounding communities. Contact our firm so we can help you effectively challenge your accusers!